Thursday , 2 February 2023

You Can Transform

EE 0005_TransformWe can all become the image of what we hold of ourselves within our own mind.  We are dynamic beings.  We rebuild ourselves constantly.  General wisdom claims that 98% of the atoms in our bodies are replaced in two years.  Studies have shown that 100% of our atomic structure is replaced within seven years!

Therefore the TRUTH:

You can –

  • Change your bone structure,
  • Greatly alter your appearance,
  • Change the mould of your flesh.

This is truly possible if you consistently follow an organic, highly mineralised, raw food choices diet.  The food will transform you in two years by replacing your current atomic structure with the correct building materials.

In seven years you can be transformed into a NEW PERSON of the image that you hold of yourself within your own mind.

I know that it is hard to change habits, but life is about choices. I want to build my body with the correct building materials, look forward that you join me on this journey.

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