Friday , 2 June 2023

The Health Process

Imbalie Beauty, Placecol, Dream Nails, Perfect 10From the moment that we’re born to the moment of our death, each of us is involved, consciously or unconsciously, in our own health process. When the involvement is conscious, then we are often aware that the way we are living needs adjusting. Our bodies warn us when we need to eat different foods. If we are to prevent getting a cold, for instance, our bodies give us signals that maybe we need to take 15 minutes each day to ourselves so we can rest, recuperate, or meditate.

When we’re unconscious of our own health process, then we get stuck: Whether it be temporary—we catch a flu or cold, suffer back pain, or something like that—or more long term: We develop chronic fatigue syndrome, depression or anxiety. These things are not to be feared. They are merely a call from the core of our being—one might say the soul—letting us know that someone or some things in the way we are living need to be changed for us to come fully in to our own beauty, joy, truth and creativity. They are one of the calls to our transformation.

Courtesy Leslie Kenton

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