Friday , 2 June 2023

Massage for Body & Soul

Imbalie Beauty, Placecol, Dream Nails, Perfect 10Therapeutic massage is an ancient technique used to promote general well-being and enhance self-esteem, while boosting the circulatory and lymphatic systems and reducing tension. Performed regularly by an expert professional, it is a superb de-stressing and anti-ageing tool that will make you feel great.

Benefits of a massage

Massage improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients to body tissues, enhances skin tone, and increases the elimination of chemical wastes from the body.

Basic techniques:

  1. Effleurage (stroking) is a gentle action for all parts of the body to warm and relax the muscles and aid circulation.
  2. Kneading techniques stretch and tone muscles.
  3. Pétrissage is similar to kneading, but involves just using the thumbs and fingertips.
  4. Wringing, using the whole hand, is used on larger areas of the body.
  5. Percussion techniques, including tapotement, involve hacking with the sides of the hands to deliver short, sharp taps on the body.

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