Friday , 2 June 2023


Imbalie Beauty, Placecol, Dream Nails, Perfect 10Keep your lips youthful for longer.

Scrub your lips.  Scrub your lips with your facial exfoliant, a warm damp facecloth or a clean soft-bristle toothbrush.  By removing dead cells on your lips and increasing the blood flow you will plump and soften your lips and continue to stimulate new collagen cells.

Apply leftover products to your lips. Whatever is left on your hands after you have applied products to your face, “tap” them onto your lips.  This is what our expert beauticians do when you come for a Placecol facial.  Also do this on the outside line of your lips to avoid the formation of fine lines.

Don’t for lips.  Do not “purse” your lips together and do not use straws.  This contributes to “smoker’s lines” around your lips.

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