Friday , 2 June 2023

Cleansing your skin

Imbalie Beauty, Placecol, Dream Nails, Perfect 10Something as basic as a CLEANSE can make a drastic improvement to your skin.  I wish I knew this when I was young as it would have saved me from a lot of hardship, tears and sorrow.  NEVER go to bed with any make-up on!  Your skin repairs itself during the night and with make-up on, repair is impossible.

How to clean your skin like and expert in the evening: I DOUBLE CLEANSE my skin every night.  Your cleanser is very important (should be non-soap based).  I love a milky cleanser as my skin is mature and I need hydration.  The FIRST CLEANSE is where I lightly cleanse my skin and then quickly rinse it off.  The purpose of the FIRST CLEANSE is to remove oil, dirt, make-up and everything else on the surface of my skin.  With the SECOND CLEANSE I massage the cleanser into every corner on all the areas of my face such as the sides of my nose, chin, cheeks and forehead.  If you massage the FIRST CLEANSE too hard into your skin, you push the dirt deeper into your skin.  I have seen an amazing improvement to my skin, since I have started to DOUBLE CLEANSE my skin every evening.

How to clean your skin like and expert in the morning: I normally do not shower in the mornings, but if you enjoy an early shower, make sure that you wash your face last after you have rinsed your conditioner out.  Your conditioner contains oils, waxes and other ingredients which are not friendly towards your skin.   If you change this one step you will also notice a drastic change to your skin, especially if your skin is prone to breakouts.  Therefore wash your skin last when showering.  You can use a gentler cleanser in the morning (cream, milk or lotion), since you do not have much to wash away.

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