Friday , 2 June 2023

Beauty Minerals – Iron

Imbalie Beauty, Placecol, Dream Nails Beauty, Perfect 10Beauty depends on mineralisation.   Minerals in its digestive form are required for rejuvenation and beauty.  If minerals come through to us in eating plants, then the body can digest the minerals and utilise them immediately.  Better to get your minerals from plants and not through the digestion of colloidal minerals in liquid form, which can create trace mineral overdoses.

Becoming more deeply mineralised is a step by step process.  It involves moving to organic foods and beyond.  It involves saturating one’s tissues with the following beauty minerals:

–        Silicon

–        Sulfur

–        Zinc

–        Iron

Iron is the most active element in the human system and needs to be renewed frequently.

What Iron does in the body:

Iron assists the process of respiration.  It is the iron-rich haemoglobin in the blood that carries oxygen throughout the body.

An Iron deficiency creates a low level of oxygenation in the blood.  This manifests in the form of light-headedness, weakness and fatigue and sometimes coupled with cold.

 Best Iron-Rich Foods:

–        Jerusalem artichokes

–        Onions

–        Cacao nibs or cacao beans (raw chocolate)

–        Cherries

–        Blackberries

–        Young lettuces

–        Parsley

–        Shallots

–        Spinach

–        Young Swiss chard

–        Most dark green-leafy vegetables

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