Friday , 2 June 2023

About Esna Colyn

Throughout my life, I have always loved challenges and my mission is to make a positive change to the world, through ongoing growth, improvement and the empowerment of all.

In high school I was a long distance and cross country athlete and later realised that being an athlete, it assists one to understand the importance of perseverance in business and life in general.  When you do fall down, you have to stand up again.  If you feel down, you have to lift your spirit and become more grateful to overcome your mountains.

It is my desire to live an authentic life.

We have to work daily towards having a better understanding and become more aware of what our purpose in life is, because our time span on earth is short and while we are here, we have to make a difference.  It is my heart’s desire to one day leave behind a legacy of excellence.

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