Friday , 2 June 2023

A Loving, Peaceful, Joyful Heart

Imbalie Beauty, Dream Nails, Placecol, Perfect 10Laughter is a beautiful expression of joy.  Little children laugh constantly.  As adults we often forget to laugh.  We should learn from our children – learn to find joy, learn to laugh, for laughter is healing in so many ways.

The human heart generates the strongest magnetic field in the body.  The more loving we are, the bigger and stronger the field and the more negative our emotions, the smaller and weaker the field.  Compassion is the balance between wisdom of the heart and the thinking of the mind.  The more compassionate we are, the more we will live in harmony with ourselves and with others.

Great is the power of our thoughts, and so careful should we be in our thinking.

Our emotions, feelings, words and actions affect others in the same way – how mindful should we be of these.  If we want a world that is peaceful we must first be this peace and live it in our own lives.

Courtesy Allison Slater

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