Friday , 2 June 2023

5 Day Facelift Challenge

Imbalie, Placecol, Dream Nails, Perfect 10In January 2014 I rediscovered one of Leslie Kenton’s books, which I purchased 10 years ago.  This book contains the Leslie Kenton 5 Day Facelift Diet.  I decided to start with the 5 Day Facelift challenge.  I furthermore googled Leslie and noted that she is really an expert on healthy living and eating.  I challenged my two children to join me to eat healthy, no diet only eating healthy.  The main purpose of the diet is to guide you on how to eat healthy.

Wow it was really difficult to change our habits in starting to eat healthy, I did not realise how unhealthy we were eating.  With small children at school it is even more challenging.  It is now May and we are still eating much healthier as a family.  The benefits that we as a family have experienced are priceless.  My son is actually claiming that it is helping him to achieve better results as school.

We are fortunate to stay close to the Bryanston Organic Market. We eagerly queue every Saturday morning at Christa’s Corner for super fresh veggies and eggs.  Every Saturday is a new experience, with whatever is in season and available and I believe it is the closest to what you get from the fresh markets in Paris, France.  The food does not always look perfect but tastes like the cucumbers we used to pick in our gardens as children.  The best part for me is when I drive out of the market grounds and I smell all the fresh veggies and food in my car. It feels absolutely liberating and inspiring.

The big NO’s in food as you are well aware are: 1) PROCESSED FOOD, CEREALS, BREAD and SUGAR.  I still enjoy bread, but only bread from the French baker at the Bryanston Organic Market.  I no longer buy bread that stays fresh for longer than a week.  Feel free to join me on the 5 Day Facelift Diet, the shopping list and menu is on our Placecol Fresh Beauty page.  It takes, however, time to break bad habits, which is the secret to this 5 Day Facelift Diet challenge.

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